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Updates on NMED AEIR Web Application Process

I attended the New Mexico Environment Department’s (NMED) annual emissions inventory reporting (AEIR) webinar and learned that NMED is continuing the improve the AEIR web application.

This year we will see some of the data from previous years retained in the web application and the ability to save a page without having everything filled out. However, if you started working in the online application before mid-February 2018, these features weren’t completely rolled out, so you might not be seeing this improvement yet.

I also learned that if you are an AEIR administrator, you will not be able to remove any previous submitters that show up under the “Admin Tools” list.  This is intended to help NMED keep track of who submitted previous reports in case any issues arise.

Because the due date is April 1, 2018, administrators should make sure that the correct certifiers are showing up in their list with a check-mark by their name. In addition, make sure your certifier has registered for the application, received a corresponding email from NMED with access instructions, and knows where to go within the application to certify. This is a very deliberate multi-step process, so don’t wait till the last minute!