Our Approach

As a small and nimble company, Array focuses on offering you individualized attention with heightened efficiency.

Array achieves these outcomes by being responsive and adaptable to your projects, maintaining good working relationships with state regulators, and partnering closely with companies that specialize in other facets of environmental engineering.

Our Services

Array provides regulatory, air permitting, and air compliance guidance, support, and advice. Our clients get access to a full gamut of air permitting and air compliance services, including, but not limited to:

Air Permitting
  • Profiling emission sources and developing air emission inventories
  • Preparing stack and fugitive emission calculations
  • Preparing construction and operating air permit applications [Title V, prevention of significant deterioration (PSD), synthetic minor, true minor]
  • Developing reasonably available control technology (RACT) and best available control technology (BACT) analyses in support of air permit applications
  • Developing various regulatory-required plans [compliance assurance monitoring (CAM) plans; fugitive dust plans; best engineering practices (BEP) plans; startup, shutdown, and malfunction (or maintenance) (SSM) plans; etc.]
  • Managing air monitoring and air dispersion modeling projects
  • Corresponding with regulatory agencies
  • Reviewing draft and final permits
Air Compliance
  • Preparing applicability analyses and evaluations
  • Setting up, revising, and/or reviewing air emissions tracking spreadsheets
  • Preparing compliance reports
  • Reviewing stack test protocols and reports
  • Assisting with the resolution of permit violations
  • Conducting internal compliance audits
  • Creating standard operating procedures (SOPs) for various internal processes
  • Training environmental and operations personnel
  • Compiling and reviewing continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) data
Success Story

How we helped a client deal with the loss of personnel and institutional knowledge and build a previously non-existent relationship with the state regulators.