Company Profile

Array Environmental was founded by Claire Booth in 2017 when she recognized that the best value she could provide her clients was by focusing on their needs and offering her technical abilities directly to them.

Array’s principles are anchored on loyalty, value, trust, integrity, credibility, dedication, high-quality work products, thoroughness, strategic thinking, transparency, communication, and consistency; and by making her vision a reality, she is able to foster her client relationships in a more meaningful way. Her experience at two large consulting companies prior to going out on her own gives her the knowledge, expertise, and insight needed to offer the reliable services clients want.

Claire Booth | Founder | Registered Professional Engineer
About Claire Booth

After 13 years of environmental engineering and consulting experience, Claire founded Array Environmental to continue providing high quality air permitting and compliance services to her valued clients.

Claire is a registered Professional Engineer in the states of Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas and her experience spans a broad geography nationally, including key projects in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Maryland, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, and Washington.

Claire works with clients eager for deep partnerships and who treat her as an extension of their environmental group and a member of their team.

Our Name & Logo Origins

The name for Array Environmental was born out of Claire’s unrelenting efforts to be a guide to others in her work.

Have you heard of Gamma Cephei? Two to three thousand years from now, this star also known as Errai, and whose name can be pronounced “array,” will be our North Star in lieu of our current guiding light, Polaris.

Array also means an “impressive display” which speaks to the work ethic and dedication Claire brings to her projects every day.

Array’s logo was developed with the help of Brad Todd at This/That. The arrows represent an adaptable approach, which reflects the core attributes of our company; and when stacked, look like mountains.

The color palette was inspired by the colors of the setting sun, one of Claire’s favorite views, and the Rocky Mountain photo on this webpage represents the beauty that can be found in harsh environments. 

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